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Shares in the company were down 7.8% to HK$5.13.
The Taiwanese firm, which makes handsets(手机) for names including Apple vanessa bruno cabas and Nokia, reported a net loss of $143m (£93m) for the first half of the year.
Earlier this month, Foxconn said that it would hire more workers in China in order to cut employees' overtime(加班时间) while maintaining production. The move followed a spate(洪水,一阵) of suicides at its Chinese factories.
The company vanessa bruno sac has also increased wages in China.

Shares in the iPhone manufacturer Foxconn vanessa bruno International have fallen almost 8%, a day after the company reported heavy losses.
Foxconn said costs for buying new properties more than doubled to $169m.

It said it would prioritise moving into the increasingly popular and lucrative(赚钱的,合算的) smartphone market.
Foxconn blamed the "difficult" and "volatile(挥发的,不稳定的) " handset market, as well as higher costs for vanessa bruno soldes the loss.
At one stage, they fell as low as HK$4.98 - the lowest level since vanessa bruno pas cher 22 July.
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